Settlements & Bank Deposits


Next Day Bank Deposits

We deposit into any business bank account provided by a Canadian financial institution or credit union so there's no need to open a new bank account. 

Next business day deposits at major Canadian financial institutions such as CIBC, RBC, BMO, Scotiabank, TD, HSBC and National Bank will help to increase your cash flow. Credit Unions and other banks can take approximately two business days

We help you increase your cash flow with daily bank deposits in Canada. Processed funds are deposited into your chosen bank account.

USD Merchant Account Deposits

For a USD merchant account you will need to provide a void check for a USD business bank account from a Canadian financial institution. Settlements take two to three business days.

Net Settlements

Denari offers clients the ability to use net settlements, also known as daily discount. Net settlements are where the credit and debit processing fees are removed before the settlement appears in your bank account. This allows businesses to have better budgeting and cash flow management as businesses only need to budget for ongoing monthly fees and other incurred fees which are collected on the first day of the following month.