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Deanri develops rate packages tailored to specifically to your business.  

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Interchange Passthrough (IPT) Pricing

IPT+ also known as Cost+ pricing passes through the costs incurred by the processor to the merchant along with a processing fee for completing the transaction services.

Interchange (Wholesale)


Interchange, or Wholesale is the amount acquirers/processors are required to pay the card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. for each transaction which goes to the card issuing bank. Interchange rates are set by the card brands and vary by:

  • Type of card transaction (in-person swiped, chip and PIN, phone order, online)
  • Card type the customer uses for the transaction (standard, premium, corporate)
  • Total transaction volume

Card Brand Assessment Fee


The payment card brands charge an Assessment Fee on each credit and debit transaction which is passed through to the merchant.

Denari Processing Fee


Denari charges a processing fee to provide the transaction services which withdrawals funds from your customers cards and deposits them to your businesses account.