Credit & Debit Processing


Payment Solutions for Your Business

Whether you're looking to accept payments by credit and debit terminals, mobile solutions, through your point-of-sale, or online through a virtual terminal or payment gateway, we have a solution to help you accept payments.

We offer major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express & JCB, as well as Discover & China Union Pay. You will be able to accept payments by cards in person with chip and PIN, tap and pay as well as swiping. You will also have the ability to accept payments over the phone and key-in the card numbers manually.

Payment Technology

EMV (Chip & PIN)


Chip & PIN (EMV which stands for EuroPay MasterCard Visa) cards designed to make payments more secure and is replacing traditional magnetic stripe cards. By having a microchip embedded in the card and the need for the cardholder to insert their PIN to authorize a transaction reduces the chance of fraud and helps keep the cardholders' information safe.

NFC (Tap and Pay)


Tap and pays is a fast and easy way for your customers to pay with their card or wallet-less device.  This technology uses radio technology called near-field communication (NFC) to quickly share the card information making it faster than other forms of payments. Tap and pay also allows for the use of "wallet-less" devices and apps such as Apple Pay as well as other alternative payments.

Merchant Accounts

Denari offers merchant accounts with flexible rate and solution payment plans to best suit your business. Our Account Executives work with you to understand your business and cash managements needs and consult you on the tools to keep your business and customer's sensitive card information secure.​

Customer Service

Our Account Executives are not only there at the time of sale as they develop long-lasting relationships with their clients. They are available when you need them to help consult you on your ongoing cash management needs.

Tailored Pricing

You deserve a pricing plan that fits your business. That's why we offer clients tailored pricing programs to match them with a pricing schedule that suits their business. Denari uses Interchange+ (Cost+) pricing for credit card processing as well as Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) and Flat Rates for small businesses. ​

USD Payments 

We offer the ability for you to do business with our friends south of the border by allowing Canadian businesses to open USD merchant accounts. Visa and MasterCard transactions will be charged in USD and deposited into a USD business account held at a Canadian financial institution which eliminates any potential losses due to currency conversion.​​

International Card Processing

Accept Payments From Anywhere In The World

Denari allows merchants to accept payments from cards around the world. Regardless of your customers' credit card's currency, they will be charged in CAD and you will receive your funds in CAD without any conversions. The customer's own bank will deal with the conversion at the time of the transaction. To charge customers in their own currency, review multi-currency processing below.

When you accept an International credit card it us subject to International Interchange. These Interchange rates are typically lower than standard domestic Interchange rates, but have additional International Cross-Border Fees and International Acquirer Service Fees which range approximately 0.5-1.25%, charged by Visa and MasterCard. 

Multi-Currency Processing

Accept Payments In Any Currency

Multi-currency automatically detects a foreign currency card allows foreign customers to choose if they wish to pay in their home currency or Canadian dollars. The exchange rate is automatically calculated at the time of purchase and deposits Canadian dollars into the merchants bank account. This service is available upon request and additional charges may apply.

*not available with all solutions and integrations